Since 1921 Fairfield Chair Company has been a family owned business operating its facility in Lenoir, North Carolina.

We sell our products throughout United States and in many foreign countries. In order to protect the health and well being of our community, employees, customers and planet, we take a proactive approach to protecting the environment. It is our goal to protect and preserve the environment and its natural resources while designing, manufacturing, and distributing quality furniture products for our customers.

We will also strive to adopt our own standards where laws or regulations either do not exist or do not adequately protect the environment.

Fairfield Chair Company will comply with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations. To achieve this goal, we will: Identify and modify corporate practices which result in hazards to our employees, the general public, or the environment.

We will establish meaningful performance goals for reducing these hazards that are measurable and track our performance with the aim of achieving continuous improvement. Encourage employees to report company practices which may have an adverse environmental impact and suggest modifications which could reduce or eliminate the environmental impact.

Our employees are our greatest asset. Their cooperation is vital to our ability to identify, modify and prevent corporate practices which may be harmful to the environment.

Work closely with governmental agencies, trade associations, community groups and others to develop and implement effective environmental laws and regulations.

We will take all appropriate steps to insure that we meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Make pertinent environmental information available to our employees, governmental authorities, and the general public. Our goal is to establish a constructive dialogue regarding environmental issues with all interested parties.

Make health, safety, and environmental considerations a priority in our strategic planning for existing and future products, processes and facilities.